7 Things to do at night in Melbourne

When the sun goes down, there's mischief to be made.

When the sun sets, another side of Melbourne comes to life. From retro arcades to modern-day mini-golf, there are always things to do in Melbourne at night, you just have to know where to look.

Flinders Ln, City


Beer & video games are a popular past time and Bartronica combines them both. This fully licensed gaming arcade is complete with retro classics.

You'll find shooters, pinball machines and even an entire booth dedicated to Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64. This a fun outing, even for non-gamers.

Russell St, City

Old Melbourne Gaol

Melbourne's history has a spooky side. One of our darkest sites is the Old Melbourne Gaol. Operating from 1824 to 1929, it was the scene of 133 hangings, including that of the notorious gang leader, Ned Kelly.

During the day, the Old Melbourne goal is a popular tourist attraction. At night, they host ghost tours. Spend an hour walking around the old cells, and hear stories of the strange presences that haunt the building.

Little Bourke St, City

Holey Moley

It might seem a little out of the ordinary, but mini-golf at Holey Moley is an evening well spent. This 27 hole putt putt course is smack bang in the middle of the city centre, and comes complete with its own cocktail bar.

The holes are inspired by pop culture - think famous movies and tv shows - and they regularly change. It shouldn’t need to be said, but adults only!

Goldie Pl, City

Paris Cat

We love a night of jazz, and of the city's best jazz clubs is the Paris Cat. This long-running jazz club hosts 4-5 shows every week.

Inspired by the 1930s French bee-bop era, the Paris Cat is a fantastic escape. Grab a drink, settle in and get ready for some toe-tapping tunes.

Elizabeth St, City

Queen Victoria Market

Not only is the Queen Victoria Market a popular tourist attraction during the day, it also comes alive at night.

Throughout the year this market hosts The Night Market during select Wednesdays. You’ll find food stalls, live music and some nice pop-up bars. It’s a completely different atmosphere than during the day, and is a great way to spend the evening.

Franklin St, City
Our Pick


All the way from Sydney, Mary's has finally opened their first Melbourne location. This restaurant and bar is all about one thing: night-time fun.

Grab one of their delicious burgers (chicken, beef or mushroom) settle into a booth and prepare yourself for one hell of a night. The staff are super friendly, and they'll even allow you to draw on the walls.

Moreland Rd, East Brunswick
Our Pick

Deep Space

There are normal escape rooms, then there is Deep Space. This narrative-driven challenge plays out more like a real-life video game.

You and your crew (up to 5 people) are floating through space onboard your failing ship, along with the ship’s computer ‘Columbus,’ when there's a hint of life outside.

Throughout the whole game, you are interacting with Columbus; he’s built using artificial intelligence and will answer you in real-time. It’s hard to describe exactly what it’s like, but it is well worth your time. Also, check out Ukiyo by the same team.

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