Melbourne’s Best Birthday Freebies

Enjoy some awesome freebies on your special day.

The best places to enjoy some free eats on your special day.



One of the best meals of the bunch comes from Pacinos Italian Restaurant. The lucky birthday girl/gal gets a $30 voucher. Pictured here is the spinach, pumpkin and goats curd gnocchi – and yes, it is as delicious as it looks. Pizza, pasta and schnitzels are also available.

To redeem the birthday voucher, simply sign up to their mailing list here.

Free Boost Juice

With all of the birthday booze and cake you’re going to demolish, it’s wise to balance it out with something a little healthier. Sign up to the Vibe Club and receive a complimentary Boost juice. That should keep your body happy.

Salsas Fresh Mex

It’s not a party until you add a little Mexican. And while we’re sure your friend Jose would be an excellent addition to your celebration, we’re talking about a burrito. Salsas Fresh Mex Grill will gift you a burrito on your birthday from any of their numerous locations.

To enjoy your birthday burrito, sign up to Salsa’s members club here.

San Churros

Nothing says ‘I’m an adult, I’ll eat what I god damn want’ more than tucking into San Churros’ deep-fried chocolatey goodness. Grab complimentary churros for two by signing up to their club here. It’s ok, we won’t judge if you go alone

Cha Time

Some like it hot, but for those who don’t, then Chatime will give you a complimentary birthday ice tea. The only catch is that you have to purchase one of their reward cards from in-store for 50c. Still it’s a decent return when a drink will cost you around $6.

More info about their birthday club here.

Sumo Salad

You probably haven’t reached this fine age by skipping your greens, so now certainly isn’t the time to start. Score a free birthday Sumo Salad by signing up to their club here. Go on, make mum proud.


‘Italian herbs and cheese,’ is usually how our past Subway orders have started. You can choose your own six inch sub and drink when you sign up to their club here. It can be claimed on, or during the few days following your birthday.

Spud Bar

Potato has to be one of the best carb sources going around. Add to it some meat, veggies and cheese and it definitely takes gold. Spud Bar will give you a free salad when you pick up a card from in-store and then register here.

Taco Bill

One of life’s unwritten rules is that ‘you can never have too much Mexican.’ As a member of Taco Bill’s club you’ll score a complimentary main meal for your birthday as well as a slice of birthday cake. All you have to do is sign up here.

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