The Best Desserts in Melbourne

(Oct, 2020)

As the food capital of Australia, Melbourne has many choices when it comes to the sweet completion of dessert. Not only are there world-class restaurants, there are world-class sweets. Here’s our list of the best desserts in Melbourne.

Table of Contents: best desserts
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    Table of Contents: best desserts
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      Desserts in the city

      Om Nom, Adelphi hotel, Melbourne (1)

      Om Nom

      Flinders Ln, City

      Found inside the Adelphi Hotel, Om Nom is pure theatre for dessert lovers. The desserts are spectacular; like their ‘Sticks & Stones’ with chocolate bark and charcoal passionfruit pebbles. Or their ‘Smoking Rosemary Caramelia Cigar Box’ with edible cigars. Come here for an evening of sweet wonder.


      Degraves St, City

      It’s not uncommon to see lines out the door at Pidapipò. This gelateria has garnered a cult following who are obsessed with their small batch gelato. Opened by Lisa Valmorbida –  graduate of Gelato University in Bologna – Pidapipò offers a range of traditional & unique flavours. Originally opening on Lygon St, the Italian capital of Australia, you can now also find Pidapipò in the CBD and Windsor.

      Roule Galette

      Flinders Ln, City

      The French are responsible for many delicious foods – crème brûlée, croissants, quiche, I could go on – but it’s the crepe that takes the stage at Roule Galette. Down a small laneway in the CBD, this French gem serves both crepes and galettes (a round crusty cake.) While there are savoury dishes, it’s the Nutella Crepe that gets a special mention here.

      Short Stop Donuts

      Sutherland St, City

      Short Stop specialise in Coffee & Donuts. Two things that they do well. Their donuts are made fresh on-site and come in a all types of flavours. You can find them in the CBD down Sutherland Street.

      Desserts in the north

      Lune Croissanterie

      Rose St, Fitzroy

      Lune makes croissants. Croissants that have people lining up. Croissants that had the New York Times asking ‘is the world’s best croissant made in Australia?’ If you want to try the pastry that Melbourne (and the world) loves, you can find them in Fitzroy or the CBD.