The Best Burgers In Melbourne

(Oct, 2020)

Recently Melbourne went through a massive burger craze; no longer was the burger a meal simply reserved for ‘fast-food’ outlets. The city started seeing gourmet burgers appear, with chefs working hard to master the meat, salad and bun ratio. Some of these restaurants have faded away, but the best have stayed. So, as lovers of American cuisine, we’ve put together our list of the best burgers in Melbourne.

Table of Contents: Best Burgers
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    Table of Contents: Best Burgers
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      Best burgers in the city

      Royal Stacks Burgers (1)

      Royal Stacks

      Multiple Locations

      Inspired by the burger scene in The United States, Royal Stacks offer an amazing burger. Several of their burgers take inspiration from The Royal Family; there’s the Prince Harry and Miss Elizabeth.

      They offer a classic beef and an incredible fried chicken, but we can’t go past their mac & cheese croquette; add one of them into your burger for an extra treat. Find them at several locations in Melbourne; our fave is their location in the CBD.

      Betty's Burgers

      Multiple Locations

      Hailing from Noosa, Betty’s Burgers has brought its sunshine charm to Melbourne. The surfer vibes pair well with their burgers, and they also have a decent range of thick shakes and frozen custard.

      Grand Trailer Park

      Bourke St, City

      Grand Trailer Park combines delicious burgers and caravans, including two Airstream caravans and two Winnebago motorhomes. They offer a much-loved Kinder Surprise Milkshake, as well as a decadent Ice-cream Waffle Sandwich.

      Burgers in the north

      Juantia Peaches

      Edward St, Brunswick

      Donuts and diner is the promise of Juanita Peaches – an intimate space off the main street of Brunswick. There are no frills. As well as offering a great burger, they also serve burritos, sandwiches & fried chicken.

      Burgers in the south

      Leonard's House of Love, South Yarra (4)

      Leonard's House of Love

      Wilson St, South Yarra

      Leonard’s House of Love is a ’70s-inspired log cabin and bar’ that slings delicious burgers. This is by far one of the cosiest venues in Melbourne, and the perfect setting to devour some dude-food. Their beef burger is on point, but they also have fried chicken and some vegan-friendly options. There’s also a pool table if you’re feeling competitive.

      The team behind Leonard’s also run the super fun pizza joint Leonardo’s Pizza Palace in Carlton.